Terms and conditions

 Terms & Conditions 

Fees & Payment


Keyed In Music will either issue an invoice each term which must be paid in advance before lessons commence or in certain circumstances, payment in cash will be accepted. 

You will need to allow extra costs for learning materials, such as tutors, songbooks, practice books and other sundries. Pay for these on delivery.

Pay your fees on time without discussion or delay. We all have busy lives and bills to pay, so let's get on with the fun stuff and not quibble. Be courteous and respectful to each other.


Please phone for current rates.

Policy Statement


My main hope is that your lessons will be enjoyable and stimulating and that you will gain pleasure from your practice and any performances you may participate in.

Students are responsible for arriving on time with the correct books and having completed their practice. 

Missed lessons due to non-attendance may be rescheduled only if my my teaching schedule permits. Alternatively, if you are ill you may have you lesson at the usual time via Zoom or Facetime.

The full policy statement is available from Keyed In Music upon enrolment.