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 Terms & Conditions

Why do we need Terms & Conditions?


The Terms and Conditions below ensure that Keyed In Music delivers a consistently high level of service, providing clarity in regards to what should happen in any given situation. An agreed set of terms helps manage expectations and avoids potential misunderstandings. My main hope is that you will gain pleasure from your lessons and practice, and that we can enjoy and foster amicable relationships without conflict or disappointment.

Everything from attendance, lesson calendar, payment details, practice, rescheduling, studio health and hygiene, terminating lessons, contact information and more is covered. Please download the appropriate PDF from the categories below.

When you enrol at Keyed In Music you agree to and accept all of the Terms and Conditions.


This is for parents of school-aged students wanting after school lessons in line with the

Victorian State School terms.



This is for adult students wanting more flexibilty with their lesson times to book as required with a 5-pack Casual Lesson Card.


This is for adults who want ongoing lessons, enjoy routine and would like to book a regular lesson time to structure around their other activities.

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