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“Ms Jennings is very easy to work with and presents herself well to the guests as well as the staff. She is very good at adapting her performance according to our guests. Ros Jennings is altogether professional and punctual. She will be back with us next year.”

Bjarte Gjerde, General Manager, Rica Nidelven Hotel 

“Ms Ros Jennings was the first piano vocalist to open our piano bar for International Entertainment. We are very happy with the standard she has set. Ms Jennings was easy to work with, flexible, and very much liked by guests of the hotel and the staff as well. She was successful in remembering names of the guests and music preferences. Ms Jennings has a very professional attitude. She is always punctual and presents herself well.”
Frano Tomsic, President of the Management Board, Hotel Croatia

“Ms Ros Jennings performed at the Laurin Bar of the Park Hotel in Bolzano. During this time we received many positive comments from the hotel guests in regard to her performance. Ros quickly established a regular following of guests from the local community who enjoyed both her music and her personality. As an entertainer, Ros is very professional and always reliable. She identifies well with her audience and adapts her performance to suit. We would not hesitate in recommending her to any other establishment.”

Remigius Havlik, The Manager, Parkhotel Laurin​

“Ms Ros Jennings performed at the Elephant Bar of Hotel Le Royal in Phnom Penh for the duration 2 February 2001 till 4 August 2001. During her tenure, Ms Ros has proven to be an effective performer wooing both local as well as tourists to the Elephant Bar. Ros very quickly built up a regular following amongst the local expatriates. She makes a point of recognizing her supporters by name and acknowledges them. She has a good repertoire of songs and constantly adds new songs to her nightly selection. Ros is a disciplined performer and spends time rehearsing to fine tune her performance. We are very pleased to have had her with us and will will not hesitate to recommend her to other establishments.”

Gilbert Madhavan, Area General Manager, Cambodia

Ros Jennings was resident pianist with our 24th Floor Uptown Bar from January 2000 though until the end of April 2000. She performed reliably and conscientiously during her contract with us. During her stay, she also extended her talents to form a Jazz Band with other resident musicians to perform once a week. We received very good comments from our guests on this formation, which portrays Ros Jennings versatility. I wish Ros the very best for her future and would not hesitate in recommending her to any other venue.

Conroy Saldanha, Entertainment Co-ordinator, Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Ros Jennings has been employed at the Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur from June 1 to August 2002 in the capacity of entertainer at Zipangu Restaurant. She has performed her duties in a professional and capable manner. Furthermore, I have found her being hardworking, conscientious and reliable at all times. The hotel guests (in-house guests and local community) have been delighted by her entertainment skills.

Eric Pendaries, Director of Food and Beverage, Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Ros Jennings performed in our top restaurant and top bar room. She is very earnest about learning the Japanese language and the Japanese culture. She practices the piano very hard to acquire new songs requested by many guests. She is very hard working individual who has professionalism at all times.  She is highly regarded by manager and guests. Much more, she has excellent musical talent. She is very popular with the younger generation and the older generation in Matsuyama. We can recommend Ros Jennings as the best entertainer.

Yutaka Ito, Planning Section Manager, ANA Hotel Matsuyama

Ros is a charming pianist with a wide repertoire. She's very easy to work with and connects well with the people. 

Ralf Hezel, Casablanca Bar, Waldshut


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